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Regenerative Medicine Treatment Options

Chicago Arthritis - Regenerative Medicine Treatment Options

In this webinar replay, Dr. Siddharth Tambar from Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine reviews regenerative treatment options in details and answers audience questions. Video Transcript: Hello, everyone – this is Siddharth Tambar from Chicago Arthritis and Regenerative Medicine. Welcome to our webinar today on regenerative medicine treatments. As I’m talking, I’ve got a little bit […]

Regenerative Medicine: The New Frontier in Healing with Special Guest Dr. Stuart Kauffman, DO

Dr Stuart Kauffman discusses regenerative medicine

In this episode of Dr. Smith Live, Dr. Stuart Kauffman is the featured guest and shares some great information regarding today’s use of regenerative medicine. Topics discussed include: • Incredible regenerative effect of stem cells • Advantages of using growth factor with stem cell treatment Revolutionizing Women’s Health: Harvard Apparatus’s Breakthrough in Uterine Regeneration and […]

Stem Cell Therapy For Alleviating Back Or Neck Pain

Most people suffering from lower back pain or disability might have painful or dislocated disks in these areas. Previously, surgery was the only option preferable for treating these issues since most regenerative therapies didn’t exist. However, with the advent of modern medicine, there are newer ways of treating such issues without necessarily undergoing surgery. One […]