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Orgenesis and UC Davis: The Dynamic Duo Transforming Cell and Gene Therapy

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Orgenesis Inc., a global biotech company, and the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) have announced a partnership to deploy Orgenesis Mobile Processing Units and Labs (OMPULs) at medical and academic institutions within the University of California system. The agreement outlines a phased approach where Orgenesis will install and operate OMPULs, enabling their proprietary point-of-care […]

RoslinCT and Lykan Bioscience: The Dynamic Duo Redefining the Future of Cell and Gene Therapy

RoslinCT and Lykan Bioscience

RoslinCT and Lykan Bioscience, two leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) in the Cell and Gene Therapy industry, have announced their integration to form a unified business that will operate under the RoslinCT brand. This integration, facilitated by GHO Capital, a global investment firm, aims to establish a dominant player in the Advanced Cell […]

Stem Cells: The Hidden Key to Unlocking a Life Free from Neurological Disorders

Does Stem cell Therapy Effectively Treat Neurological Diseases

In the latest episode of The Stem Cell Healing Institute Podcast titled “Does Stem cell Therapy Effectively Treat Neurological Diseases?” Dr. Zahra Figueredo discusses the potential of stem cell therapy in treating neurological diseases. Neurological diseases, caused by damage or dysfunction to the brain, spinal cord, or nerves, can also be triggered by genetic factors, […]

Stem Cells: The Medical Revolution Stalled by Scaling – Learn the Inside Story!

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Welcome to our exploration of the fascinating world of regenerative medicine, specifically focusing on the role and production of stem cells. If you’ve been following advancements in medical science, you’ve probably heard about stem cell therapy. It’s a revolutionary approach that has the potential to redefine the way we treat diseases and injuries. Stem cells […]

Stem Cells Reveal Your Breats Cancer’s Future: Discover AccuStem’s Innovative Approach

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AccuStem Sciences, Inc., a clinical stage diagnostics company with a focus on enhancing outcomes for cancer patients, has unveiled a strategic plan to advance and implement the StemPrintER assay. The StemPrintER test is a 20-gene assay that classifies early-stage breast cancer patients based on their risk of recurrence. This assay measures the “stemness” of tumors, […]

See the Future: How Stem Cells Could Turn the Tide on Vision Loss

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Welcome to an exciting exploration of the fascinating world of stem cells and their potential to restore eyesight. The prospect is truly remarkable – harnessing the power of these tiny, yet incredibly potent cells to help individuals see the world anew. Vision is undoubtedly one of the most precious senses. It opens up the world […]

Stem Cells and Organoids: The Dynamic Duo Transforming Modern Medicine

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If you’re interested in stem cell therapy, then you’re in for a treat. But before we dive in, let’s set the stage. Imagine you’re a scientist, and you’ve been given the keys to a time machine. But this isn’t your typical time machine. Instead of taking you back to the age of dinosaurs or forward […]

Stem Cells vs. Parkinson’s: The Battle of the Century

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Welcome! We’re delighted to have you join us on this exploration into a topic that is at the forefront of medical research: the potential of stem cell treatments for Parkinson’s disease. You might be asking, “What exactly is Parkinson’s disease?” It’s a crucial question and one that we need to address before we delve deeper […]