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Stem Cell Therapy For Alleviating Back Or Neck Pain

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Most people suffering from lower back pain or disability might have painful or dislocated disks in these areas. Previously, surgery was the only option preferable for treating these issues since most regenerative therapies didn’t exist. However, with the advent of modern medicine, there are newer ways of treating such issues without necessarily undergoing surgery. One of such methods include stem cell therapy.

How Does It Work?

The procedure involves retrieving stem cells through aspiration of tissue from the hip bone or the fat cells. Using a centrifuge, the cells are then separated to identify the particular primitive ones that can aid in regeneration. Next, they are injected into the disc to stimulate regeneration of collagen. Currently, numerous hospitals have invested in stem cell therapy all over the world and the results are astoundingly positive.

Definition Of Stem Cells

Basically, these refer to undifferentiated cells in the body with the ability of becoming specialized. They can either be embryonic or adult. As the names suggest, the former are obtained from the fetus. Currently, there are lots of concerns of using embryonic stem cells, partly the reason why they are not popularly used.

On the other hand, adult stem cells are obtained from adults. If need be, they can be obtained from the particular individual looking to get stem cell therapy treatments. They can also be categorized further into MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells) that include fat, cartilage or bone cells. Keep in mind that the differentiation ends here.

How Are MSC’s Obtained?

The body has various storage options for stem cells used to repair injured or degenerated structures. Most stem cell therapy treatments are conducted with stem cells obtained from the hip bone. That’s because the procedure can be performed very fast and can sometimes be painless for the patient. Once they are retrieved from the bone marrow, they can be used for treatment purposes immediately.

What Are The Conditions That Can Be Treated With Stem Cell Therapy?

Keep in mind that not all patients qualify for these regeneration procedures. For those who qualify, there is great hope with pain relief and improving the person’s quality of life without necessarily undergoing a major surgery. Some of the common conditions that can be treated using this procedure include the following.

  • Tears in the muscular tissue
  • Pain in the spinal facet
  • Pinched nerves
  • Tears in the tendon such as tennis elbows and much more
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck Pain

How is The Procedure Conducted?

Once the hip bone is numbed, a special needle is injected through the bone to the bone marrow. The stem cells present in the marrow are then retrieved through a syringe. The cells are then placed in a centrifuge where the separation is done. The useful stem cell solution is then injected into the affected area. Next, the patient is placed under close scrutiny to take note of the regenerative procedure.

Note that, there is always potential risk with any medical procedure and the same applies to stem cell therapy. However, in most cases, the risk intensifies with the area under treatment.

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