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Regenerative Medicine: The New Frontier in Healing with Special Guest Dr. Stuart Kauffman, DO

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In this episode of Dr. Smith Live, Dr. Stuart Kauffman is the featured guest and shares some great information regarding today’s use of regenerative medicine.

Topics discussed include:

• Incredible regenerative effect of stem cells

• Advantages of using growth factor with stem cell treatment

• Best ways to treat sport injuries without drugs

• Effective treatment for arthritis, tennis elbow, tendonitis, and other musculoskeletal injuries

• Why ultrasound technology is more precise in identifying joint and soft tissue issues

Dr. Stuart Kauffman, D.O. shares his experience of treating more than 1000 clinical procedures plus over his 10 years of training with top physicians in the field of regenerative medicine.

• All natural treatment performed exclusively by Dr. Kauffman in an office setting.

• No surgery or toxic drugs used and infection, allergic or irritant reactions are nonexistent.

• Dr. Kauffman uses the patient’s own stem cells and platelet rich plasma or growth factors and never uses cells from donors.

• Severe arthritis and sports injuries including tennis elbow, tendinitis bursitis and other musculoskeletal injuries can be treated precisely after Dr. Kauffman is able to take the patients own stem cell or PRP and precisely inject into the injured areas using ultrasound guidance which has no radiation like x-rays and is much more precise in identifying and treating both joints and soft tissue injuries.

• Dr. Kauffman has been studying and performing these procedures for over  10 years and trained with top physicians in this field called regenerative medicine.

Credit: Dr. Gerald H. Smith

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