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Caring Cross Unveils Affordable Genetic Therapy Strategies

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New press release announces the role of Caring Cross, a non-profit organization, in a newly published white paper from the Innovative Genomics Institute, titled “Making Genetic Therapies Affordable and Accessible.” The white paper is the result of yearlong research and focuses on strategies to increase the affordability and accessibility of genetic therapies, including CAR-T technology and stem cell gene therapy.

Key Contributions

Caring Cross’s leadership, including Co-Founder and Executive Director Boro Dropulić, Ph.D., and Co-founder and Scientific Director Rimas Orentas, Ph.D., contributed to sections of the report on manufacturing, regulation, and funding models. The report specifically highlights Caring Cross’s efforts to improve the accessibility, affordability, and applicability of genetic therapies.

Key Findings of the Report

  1. Dynamic Cost-Plus Model: The report emphasizes the need for a dynamic cost-plus model for pricing new genetic therapies, leading to significant cost savings compared to current market prices.
  2. Alternative Organizational Structure: It suggests developing an alternative organizational structure involving for-profit corporations, non-profit medical research, and public benefit corporations to control costs.
  3. Improving Academic Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs): The report calls for improvements in TTOs to play a significant role in affordability and access through licensing provisions requiring access plans.
  4. Manufacturing Innovations: It highlights the potential to manufacture genetic therapies using various innovations, point-of-care manufacturing, and regulatory streamlining to lower prices while maintaining efficacy and safety.

Caring Cross’s Perspective

Dr. Dropulić emphasized the need for new models to reduce cost and improve access to potentially life-saving therapies like CAR-T cell and other genetic therapies. Dr. Orentas added that lowering the costs of these therapies provides an opportunity for innovators like Caring Cross to optimize the development process and democratize their availability, especially in developing countries.

About Caring Cross

Caring Cross is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to accelerating the development of advanced medicines and ensuring access to cures for all patients. They are also involved in developing technologies and therapeutic candidates to improve the accessibility, affordability, and applicability of CGTs like CAR-T technology and stem cell gene therapy. Caring Cross founded Vector BioMed, a for-profit vector contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), specializing in rapid lentiviral vector manufacturing solutions.


The white paper is a significant contribution to the field of genetic therapies, outlining practical strategies and models to make these therapies more accessible and affordable. Caring Cross’s involvement in the report underscores its commitment to advancing the field and ensuring that these potentially life-saving treatments are available to all who need them. The full report can be found here.

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