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$32.3M Boost: City of Hope’s Groundbreaking Therapies

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City of Hope, a prominent cancer research and treatment organization in the United States, has received a grant of $32.3 million from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM).

Funding Allocation

The funds will be used to support three novel Phase 1 clinical trials that focus on innovative cell and gene therapy treatments for patients with HIV, acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and severe aplastic anemia. Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope was awarded two-thirds of the $50 million in the latest round of CIRM awards, the highest of any entity in the state.

Research and Development

  1. HIV Treatment: City of Hope is developing a bispecific CAR T therapy for HIV. CIRM awarded $11.3 million for the clinical trial, which will treat up to 12 healthy people with HIV. The therapy aims to engineer immune T cells to target both the HIV antigen gp120 and cytomegalovirus, with the goal of eliminating HIV-infected cells.
  2. Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Treatment: A City of Hope team received nearly $12 million to develop a first-in-human Phase 1 immunotherapy trial for AML. The trial will use T cells from a healthy donor, reengineered to express CD33CARs, to target the CD33 protein found in over 80% of AML cases. The trial will enroll up to 18 AML patients who have relapsed after receiving a transplant.
  3. Severe Aplastic Anemia Treatment: A research team received $9.05 million to start a clinical trial using a novel blood stem cell transplantation procedure for severe aplastic anemia. The Phase 1 trial will enroll up to six patients and could also be used for other autoimmune diseases, such as treatment-resistant type 1 diabetes.

City of Hope’s Commitment

City of Hope is a leader in gene therapies, including bone marrow and blood stem cell transplants. They have performed more than 18,000 transplants since 1976 and have treated over 1,200 patients with CAR T therapy. The organization is committed to advancing gene therapies for the treatment of human diseases, and the CIRM awards are seen as a testament to their dedication.


The substantial funding from CIRM will enable City of Hope to continue its pioneering work in cell and gene therapy. The targeted research in HIV, AML, and severe aplastic anemia represents a significant step towards innovative treatments for these life-threatening illnesses. The organization’s leadership in gene therapies and its commitment to advancing human health are further reinforced by this grant.

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