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Unleashing the Power of Stem Cells: STEMREGEN® Launches Three Innovative Supplements at Biohacking Conference

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In a groundbreaking announcement at the Biohacking Conference in Dallas, Texas, STEMREGEN® unveiled three new stem cell-boosting supplements designed to enhance the body’s natural repair system. As the pioneer in stem cell science-backed supplements, STEMREGEN® continues to lead the way with innovative products that support healthy aging and athletic recovery.

STEMREGEN new products
STEMREGEN expands its portfolio with three new products that further support stem cell function in the body. These additional formulas focus on athletic recovery, supporting the body’s microcirculatory system, and increasing cellular communication.

STEMREGEN® Release: Enhancing Innate Repair

The flagship product, now named STEMREGEN® Release, is a powerful blend of plant extracts that promotes the release of additional stem cells from the bone marrow. This increase in circulating stem cells supports organ and tissue function, fostering rejuvenation from within.

STEMREGEN® Sport: Optimal Recovery for Athletes

Designed specifically for athletes, STEMREGEN® Sport includes pterostilbene and notoginseng to aid in muscle recovery and endurance. This supplement helps athletes bounce back faster from strenuous physical activity by enhancing their stem cell function and resilience.

STEMREGEN® Mobilize: Enhanced Microcirculation

STEMREGEN® Mobilize is a drink powder that supports the efficient circulation of stem cells throughout the body. With ingredients that promote optimal blood flow and microcirculation, this supplement ensures that stem cells can reach and repair tissues effectively.

STEMREGEN® Signal: Clear Pathways for Repair

This supplement improves the “signal-to-noise ratio” in the bloodstream, ensuring that stem cells can navigate and reach tissues needing repair more efficiently. By modulating the formation of signaling molecules, STEMREGEN® Signal clears the way for stem cells to perform their critical functions.

A Comprehensive Approach to Stem Cell Health

STEMREGEN® offers two comprehensive supplement protocols:

  1. The STEMREGEN® Protocol: Combines Release, Mobilize, and Signal to enhance stem cell function, microcirculation, and cellular signaling.
  2. The STEMREGEN® Sport Protocol: Tailored for athletes, this protocol includes Sport, Mobilize, and Signal to support peak performance and recovery.

A Pioneer in Stem Cell Science

Founded by neurophysiology scientist Christian Drapeau, STEMREGEN® is built on over two decades of stem cell research. With a commitment to leveraging nature’s most potent ingredients, STEMREGEN® continues to innovate and provide the most effective stem cell supplements on the market.

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