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One Niche to Rule Them All: Stem Cell-Lymphatic Interactome in Regeneration and Cancer

stem cell lymphatic interactome in regeneration and cancer

Shiri Gur-Cohen, Ph.D., UC San Diego, explains how her lab studies how epithelial stem cells communicate with their vascular microenvironment to advance regeneration and combat metastatic diseases. Video Transcript: [MUSIC] I’m excited to share with you today the work that we’re doing in my laboratory to enhance regeneration and to fight cancer. In my laboratory, […]

Fantastic Stem Cells and Where to Find Them

Stem cells dividing

What if we could trick stem cells into thinking they were young again? What would the impact be on human health and aging? Shiri Gur-Cohen, Ph.D., shares her work in this presentation… Video Transcript: [MUSIC] Stem cells holds the power for generation, but stem cells can age. What if I can tell you that we […]