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Investing in Your Family’s Future: A Tour of CBR’s State-of-the-Art Stem Cell Facility

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Dr. Ali Rodriguez has been invited by CBR to tour their state-of-the-art facility in Tucson, Arizona, which specializes in processing and storing umbilical cord stem cells. CBR, operational for 30 years, has processed nearly a million stem cell collections from families worldwide. Their 80,000 square foot laboratory, the largest newborn stem cell bank globally, uses innovative technology and has a custom-built storage facility.

Samples are preserved in tanks above liquid nitrogen at -196°C (-385°F), ensuring the long-term viability of the stem cells. The facility has backup generators, automated monitoring systems, and two 9,000-gallon liquid nitrogen tanks to maintain proper conditions. The laboratory has the capacity to store cord blood and cord tissue for millions of families.

Newborn stem cells have been used to treat over 80 conditions in children and adults, and ongoing clinical trials may lead to more breakthrough treatments using cord blood stem cell therapy. By preserving stem cells with CBR, families can participate in groundbreaking advancements and invest in their family’s future.

Credit: Cord Blood Registry

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