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Beyond Organ Transplants: The Power of Cell Transformation and Rejuvenation

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The video discusses two major problems in modern medicine: the shortage of organs for transplantation and age-related diseases.

Prof. Yossi Buganim’s lab focuses on transforming cells, such as converting skin cells into various other cell types, to create an unlimited source of cells for transplantation. This approach aims to address the organ shortage problem.

Additionally, the lab is developing a technique to rejuvenate cells, allowing them to take cells from an older individual and reduce their age by 50%. This is crucial for treating age-related diseases like AMD (age-related macular degeneration), which causes blindness due to cell degeneration in the eyes.

The lab has two main objectives: 1) generate various cell types in the lab for organ transplantation, and 2) use their knowledge of cell transformation for rejuvenation purposes.

Currently, they are focusing on quality control to ensure the safety and functionality of the cells they produce. The next step will involve creating three-dimensional structures, which is considered the future of medicine.

Credit: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Official

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