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BIOHACK your Health using Stem Cells with World-Renowned Expert in Regenerative Medicine,Dr. Kristin

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In this episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, Cary Jack has Dr. Kristin Comella, a world-renowned expert on regenerative medicine with a focus on adipose (fat) derived stem cells.

They talk about regenerative medicine, reversing chronic disease, and human betterment.

Dr. Kristin was named number 24 on Terrapin’s list of the Top 50 Global Stem Cell Influencers and number 1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators.

Most recently, Dr. Comella made the list of Top 50 Functional and Integrative Medical Doctors/Scientists in the country by, one of the most visited natural health websites in the world.

She has more than a dozen peer-reviewed publications indexed on Pubmed in the field of regenerative medicine. She has an extensive background in the study and implementation of biohacking and stem cell therapy.

With an engineering background focusing on the mechanics and systems of the body in order to achieve optimal health, her more than 20+ years experience has given her notable training with experts in the stem cell arena.

Her graduate studies and coursework at Ohio State University provided her the opportunity to work with Dr. Jeffery Chalmers to focus on the use of nano-particle magnets to isolate/separate cells.

She then delved more deeply into stem cell research at Osiris Therapeutics — a small start-up in Maryland — co-founded by the ‘father of Mesenchymal Stem Cells,’ Dr. Arnie Caplan. Following her work at Osiris, Dr. Comella was offered the opportunity to work with Dr. Darwin Prockop, the Grandfather of cellular therapy research on mesenchymal progenitors, at Tulane University.

Credit: Cary Jack – The Happy Hustler

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