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WWE Star Tommaso Ciampa Receives Final Stem Cell Treatment to Speed Up Recovery

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WWE wrestler Tommaso Ciampa recently underwent his final stem cell treatment, as he continues to recover from multiple nagging injuries sustained during his in-ring career.

Ciampa had been out of action since September and revealed on Instagram last week that he had traveled to Medellin, Colombia, to receive stem cell treatments from BioXcellerator, a leader in customized cell therapy and research for people with chronic disorders.

Ciampa received a total of 360 million stem cells, with 130 million cells via IV, 190 million cells into his ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders, and 40 million cells in his lumbar spine, facets, and SI joints.

Ciampa wrote on his stem cell bag that he hoped to “dance with buddies” (wrestle) and “play tag” (run and play with his 4-year-old child), and he continues to document his recovery on Instagram. There is no set timeframe for Ciampa’s return to the ring, but he is making progress in his rehab.

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