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What about Stem Cell Banking? Answers to Cord Blood Banking FAQs & More

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Have you heard about cord blood banking, but aren’t quite sure what it is or why you’d want to consider it? Catch a news story about celebrities using regenerative stem cells and wonder what’s the big deal? This is the video for you!

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Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives of Stem Cell Collection


– Security that your baby and your family has access to live-saving stem cells whenever you need them. – A simple and non-invasive collection process that fits in the flow of what your provider is already doing at birth.

– A secure and private collection and storage process.


– If families want something like a lotus birth and placenta encapsulation, only umbilical cord tissue would be available for collection.

– The payment plan may not work for low-income families.


– Accessing a public stem cell bank, at a high cost, when you need one.

– Choosing to not utilize advanced stem cell treatments in the course of the life of your family.

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