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Transformative Journey with Full Body Stem Cell Makeover® – A Testimonial by Chas Bailes

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In a revealing and insightful video by Docere Clinics, Chas Bailes shares his transformative experience with Dr. Harry Adelson’s Full Body Stem Cell Makeover®. This video, published on October 30, 2023, delves into Chas’s initial skepticism, his journey to belief, and the remarkable changes he experienced post-treatment.

Discovering Stem Cell Therapy

Chas’s path to stem cell therapy began with encouragement from his son, Charlie. As age started to impact his physical abilities, Chas faced challenges in performing activities he loved, like golf and playing baseball with his grandson. Suffering from arthritis in his wrists and thumbs, along with lower back and shoulder issues, he sought various treatments, including cortisone shots and anti-inflammatories, but found little relief.

Overcoming Skepticism

Initially skeptical about stem cell therapy, Chas’s curiosity was piqued after watching Dr. Harry’s presentations and learning about the global acceptance of stem cell treatments. After extensive research and a candid conversation with Dr. Harry, Chas, accompanied by his initially doubtful wife, decided to undergo the procedure. His wife’s skepticism turned into belief after witnessing the process and understanding its potential.

Remarkable Results

Post-treatment, Chas experienced significant improvements. He could engage in activities like golf and simple daily tasks without pain. The treatment was so effective that his sister, suffering from osteoarthritis, also underwent the procedure with life-changing results.

The Full Body Stem Cell Makeover® Process

Chas underwent the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover® before the introduction of umbilical cord cells in the procedure. His treatment involved extracting stem cells directly from his bone, a process that has a longer healing period compared to the use of umbilical cord cells. Despite this, Chas was up and about, doing most activities within a week.

Life After the Treatment

Chas noticed significant changes post-surgery. He no longer needed to tape his hand for golf, experienced reduced lower back inflammation, and regained shoulder mobility. He emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s body and giving the stem cells time to work.

Sharing the Success

Chas has since become an advocate for stem cell therapy, sharing his positive experience with friends and family. His sister’s successful treatment further validates his belief in the procedure’s efficacy.

Future Plans and Final Thoughts

Two years post-treatment, Chas plans to undergo another procedure to stay ahead of age-related issues. He expresses gratitude towards Dr. Harry and the team for their life-altering treatment.


Chas Bailes’ journey from skepticism to belief in stem cell therapy highlights the potential of regenerative medicine. His story is a testament to the power of medical innovation and its ability to significantly improve quality of life.

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