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Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke

allogeneic stem cell therapy for acute ischemic stroke

When it comes to treating acute ischemic stroke, the quest for effective and innovative therapies is ongoing. One treatment approach that has garnered considerable attention is allogeneic stem cell therapy. But does this therapy truly hold promise for stroke patients, or is it just another false hope? Recent research has examined the efficacy and safety […]

Stem Cell Therapy for Enhanced Stroke Recovery

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

After a stroke, millions of brain neurons die within minutes. While the dead cells can’t be restored, some tissue around the dead area remains alive but non-functioning. Research has found that stem cells target the area with chemicals that save and rejuvenate that tissue. The optimal time for introducing stem cells seems to be between […]

Stem Cell Research for Brain Repair

Dr Piotr Walczak - brain repair with stem cells

Dr. Piotr Walczak, Professor at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the University of Maryland Baltimore, uses interdisciplinary approaches to study neurological disorders and advance therapeutics by implementing image-guided neuro-interventions. There are more than 600 neurological disorders that pose a major global burden. Dr. Walczak and his lab study several of these […]

Stem Cell Therapy and Strokes – Jason Hinman, MD

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In this very important episode of “Life After Stroke with Christopher Ewing”, Christopher speaks with Dr. Jason Hinman, Assistant Professor of Neurology in the Stroke and Neuro-rehabilitation Divisions at the UCLA Stroke Center in Los Angeles, CA. Topics covered in this episode include: – Does stem cell therapy work in stroke survivors? – How is […]