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Revolutionary Type 1 Diabetes Cure: Melton’s Abarca Prize Triumph

Dra. Elena Abarca, Dr. Juan Abarca, His Majesty the King of Spain, Professor Douglas A Melton and Alberto Muñoz, President of FiHM

Professor Douglas A. Melton has made a groundbreaking contribution to the medical field with his research focused on curing Type 1 diabetes. His innovative approach involves transplanting insulin-producing cells, particularly pancreatic beta cells. These cells are capable of measuring glucose levels and secreting the appropriate amount of insulin, which has led to a “functional cure” […]

FDA Grants Fast Track Designation to ANPD001 for Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

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Aspen Neuroscience, a clinical development-stage company, recently announced a significant milestone in the fight against Parkinson’s disease (PD). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Fast Track Designation to ANPD001, an autologous (personalized) investigational cell therapy designed to treat Parkinson’s disease by replacing lost dopamine neurons. This designation aims to accelerate the development […]

Neurona Therapeutics’ Progress in Phase I/II Clinical Trial of NRTX-1001 Cell Therapy for Drug-resistant Focal Ep

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Neurona Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotherapeutics company, recently announced the completion of enrollment for the first cohort in its ongoing Phase I/II clinical trial of NRTX-1001. This investigational allogeneic cell therapy is being developed to treat drug-resistant mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE). The first cohort consisted of five subjects who received a one-time dose of NRTX-1001, […]

Coeptis Therapeutics Expands Collaboration with University of Pittsburgh on CAR NK Cell Therapy

Coeptis Therapeutics

Biotech startup Coeptis Therapeutics announced an expanded partnership with the University of Pittsburgh today, licensing additional CAR NK cell therapy technology developed at Pitt. This new agreement builds on their existing collaboration around a CD19-targeting CAR NK cell therapy for blood cancers. The new technology, known as SNAP CAR NK cells, allows for more precise […]

Be The Match BioTherapies and Cryoport Join Forces to Propel Cell and Gene Therapy Advancements

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In a groundbreaking move, Be The Match BioTherapies®, a pioneering organization that offers solutions for companies venturing into the development and commercialization of cell and gene therapies, has announced a strategic partnership with Cryoport, a global leader in providing innovative products and services to the rapidly evolving cell & gene therapy sector. A Partnership for […]

NeuroSense’s PrimeC Shows Remarkable Impact on ALS Survival Using Innovative iPSC Model

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In a groundbreaking study, NeuroSense’s PrimeC has demonstrated a significant effect on the survival rate of induced motor neurons in an innovative in vitro model. This research was conducted in collaboration with the University of Southern California’s Ichida Stem Cell Lab. The study utilized induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived from individuals diagnosed with ALS. […]

Stem Cells: Revolutionizing Autoimmune Treatment with Kyverna & ElevateBio

Kyverna Therapeutics

Kyverna Therapeutics, a clinical-stage cell therapy company, and ElevateBio, a technology-driven company specializing in cell and gene therapies, have announced a partnership aimed at advancing the development and manufacturing processes for Kyverna’s Ingenui-T-derived chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies. The Ingenui-T platform, developed by Kyverna, is optimized for autologous CAR-T cell manufacturing for autoimmune diseases, […]

New cell therapy facility enters fight against chronic diseases

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The Novo Nordisk Foundation has committed DKK 950 million (EUR 127 million) to establish the Novo Nordisk Foundation Cellerator, a world-class facility aimed at advancing cell therapies for chronic diseases like heart failure, Parkinson’s, kidney disease, type 1 diabetes, and several forms of cancer. This facility will be located at the Technical University of Denmark […]

Akari Therapeutics to Host Webinar on HSCT-TMA and the Potential of Nomacopan

Akari Therapeutics

Akari Therapeutics, Plc, a leading biotechnology company specializing in advanced therapies for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, has announced its plans to host a virtual key opinion leader event on October 19, 2023, at 11:30 am ET. The primary focus of this event will be to discuss the patient care landscape for hematopoietic stem cell transplant-related […]

BD² Announces $18 Million in Grants to Understand Biology of Bipolar Disorder

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BD²: Breakthrough Discoveries for Thriving with Bipolar Disorder has recently declared its inaugural round of Discovery Research grants, amassing a total of $18 million. This significant financial commitment is aimed at fostering collaboration and directing concentrated funding towards understanding the biology of bipolar disorder. Key Highlights: Conclusion: BD²’s commitment to understanding bipolar disorder, especially through […]