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Coeptis Therapeutics Advances with Groundbreaking Stem Cell Therapy in Phase 2 Program

Coeptis Therapeutics

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing the treatment of viral infections, Coeptis Therapeutics, Inc., a name synonymous with innovation in the biopharmaceutical realm, has announced its plans to embark on a Phase 2 program. This program is centered around its proprietary, first-in-class allogeneic NK cell therapy, showcasing a pivotal moment in the pursuit of advanced […]

Coeptis Therapeutics Expands Collaboration with University of Pittsburgh on CAR NK Cell Therapy

Coeptis Therapeutics

Biotech startup Coeptis Therapeutics announced an expanded partnership with the University of Pittsburgh today, licensing additional CAR NK cell therapy technology developed at Pitt. This new agreement builds on their existing collaboration around a CD19-targeting CAR NK cell therapy for blood cancers. The new technology, known as SNAP CAR NK cells, allows for more precise […]