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Strategic Partnership Boosts iPSC-Derived Therapeutic Development

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Theragent Inc., a leader in cell- and tissue-based therapies, has announced a partnership with Pluristyx Inc., a biotech specializing in induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) products. This collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive pathway from iPSC derivation to the commercial production of iPSC-derived drug products, promising a streamlined approach to therapeutic development.

Under the partnership, Pluristyx’s advanced iPSC platform will be used for early-stage programs, featuring innovative technologies like the FailSafe® functional suicide switch and iACT Stealth Cells® for immune evasion. These programs will then transition smoothly into Theragent’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) processing facilities for scale-up and commercial production.

Dr. Benjamin Fryer, CEO of Pluristyx, expressed enthusiasm about combining their clinical-grade iPSC lines with Theragent’s cGMP manufacturing capabilities, aiming to enhance the pathway from research to market.

Similarly, Dr. Yu Yen, CEO of Theragent, highlighted the natural synergy in combining their stem cell expertise with Pluristyx’s technological prowess, emphasizing efficiency and risk reduction in tech transfers and production.

The collaboration is set to not only speed up the production process but also save costs and enhance the safety of clinical programs, paving the way for the next generation of iPSC-derived treatments.

This partnership underscores a significant advancement in stem cell research and therapy, potentially transforming treatment paradigms in diseases with critical unmet needs.

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