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Stem Cells Reveal Your Breats Cancer’s Future: Discover AccuStem’s Innovative Approach

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AccuStem Sciences, Inc., a clinical stage diagnostics company with a focus on enhancing outcomes for cancer patients, has unveiled a strategic plan to advance and implement the StemPrintER assay.

The StemPrintER test is a 20-gene assay that classifies early-stage breast cancer patients based on their risk of recurrence. This assay measures the “stemness” of tumors, a term referring to the extent to which they resemble stem cells, which can provide insights into the potential progression of cancer and its response to standard treatments.

Research has demonstrated that patients whose tumors have a high degree of “stemness”, or similarity to stem cells, are up to four times more likely to experience a distant recurrence compared to those with low “stemness” tumors.

To further clinically validate the StemPrintER and operationalize the assay in their laboratory, AccuStem has formed a partnership with a leading company in the genomic testing field.

This collaboration will take advantage of the shared platforms, technologies, and human resources between the two companies. AccuStem’s CEO, Wendy Blosser, expressed enthusiasm for the next phase of development, emphasizing their goal to enhance the role of StemPrintER in guiding surgical, radiological, and other treatment decisions for breast cancer patients.

AccuStem is committed to improving outcomes and the quality of life for all cancer patients. They aim to pioneer healthcare innovation by providing proprietary molecular testing that fills gaps in clinical needs from cancer screening to treatment and monitoring.

By exploring new disease pathways, such as tumor “stemness” or resemblance to stem cells, they believe their tools will enable care teams to gain a deeper understanding of the unique biology of each patient’s cancer, leading to more informed decision-making.

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