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Rune Labs and Aspen Neuroscience Collaborate on Parkinson’s Disease Study

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Rune Labs, a leading precision neurology software and data platform company, has joined forces with Aspen Neuroscience Inc., a prominent autologous cell therapy biotechnology firm. The collaboration aims to leverage Rune Labs’ StriveStudy clinical development platform, enabling Aspen to gather real-time, longitudinal patient data remotely.

The primary objective of this partnership is to utilize the StriveStudy platform for Aspen’s non-interventional Trial-Ready Cohort Screening Study. This study is designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of the disease for potential participants in Aspen’s Phase 1/2a clinical trial. The trial will evaluate ANPD001, Aspen’s personalized cell therapy candidate, intended for individuals with moderate to severe Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

Brian Pepin, the CEO of Rune Labs, emphasized the significance of this collaboration. He stated that by collecting continuous, objective data over time, they can gain a holistic view of the disease and assess treatment benefits.

This approach complements the information obtained from traditional in-person clinical visits. Pepin also highlighted Aspen’s visionary approach, recognizing the value of understanding each trial participant’s unique experience with Parkinson’s disease. This understanding is made possible through high-frequency data collection using Rune Labs’ low-burden technology.

The StriveStudy platform will facilitate remote data collection directly from Rune Labs’ FDA-cleared StrivePD application on the Apple Watch. This will include data on PD symptoms, daily activities like step count, medication tracking, compliance, and other relevant patient well-being metrics.

Damien McDevitt, Ph.D., CEO and President of Aspen Neuroscience, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration. He believes that the real-time, long-term patient data from the StriveStudy platform will be invaluable in their efforts to develop personalized cell therapy. By using StriveStudy with their Trial-Ready Cohort Screening Study participants, Aspen aims to gain a deeper understanding of their patients before initiating the Phase 1/2a clinical trial.

Rune Labs’ StriveStudy clinical trial platform is now available to biopharmaceutical companies aiming to develop therapies for movement disorders.

About Rune Labs:
Rune Labs is a software and data analytics company specializing in precision neurology. They support care delivery and therapy development. Their StrivePD ecosystem is tailored for Parkinson’s disease, assisting patients and clinicians in managing the disease more effectively. The company has garnered financial support from prominent investors like Eclipse Ventures, DigiTx, TruVenturo, and Moment Ventures.

About Aspen Neuroscience:
Aspen Neuroscience is a clinical development-stage company based in San Diego. They focus on personalized regenerative medicine, starting with autologous neuron replacement for Parkinson’s disease. Aspen combines stem cell biology with advanced artificial intelligence and genomic techniques to explore patient-specific restorative treatments. They have developed a top-tier platform for creating and optimizing iPSC-derived cell therapies.

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