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Ross Edgley’s Full-Body Stem Cell Makeover: A Game-Changer for Recovery?

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In this video, Ross Edgley shares his experience undergoing a full-body stem cell makeover.

He discusses how his face looked normal and felt good the day after the procedure. Ross compares the feeling to recovering from an intense workout and is eager to see the results in the coming weeks.

Dr. Amy Killen explains that she injected stem cells from the top of the head to the toes, which can lead to a feeling of a full-body massage.

Ross also shares his experience with red light therapy and how it can help in healing and reducing inflammation. They discuss the importance of taking care of nutrition, rest, and sleep after the procedure.

Dr. Killen mentions that the stem cells, when injected locally, can target specific areas more effectively than intravenous stem cells, which mostly get stuck in the lungs.

The conversation ends with Ross expressing gratitude for the treatment and looking forward to seeing the results.

Credit: Amy Killen MD

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