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Revolutionizing Aging: Venvalo Group Unveils Immorta Bio, Inc for Personalized Cell Therapy in Age-Related Disease Treatment

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Venvalo Group, a venture value optimization firm, has recently announced the formation of Immorta Bio, Inc.

This new regenerative medicine company is set to revolutionize the treatment of aging and diseases associated with aging by providing patient-specific therapeutic solutions.

Pioneering Personalized Regenerative Medicine

Immorta Bio, Inc. is spearheading the development of personalized stem cell technologies, which Dr. Boris Reznik, Chairman and CEO, believes holds great promise in combating diseases of aging. The company’s innovative technology pipeline includes:

  1. Personalized Regenerative Cells (PRCs): These are pluripotent stem cells capable of generating young versions of any cell type in the body.
  2. Personalized Repair Cells (pMSCs): Patient-specific mesenchymal stem cells.
  3. Personalized Progenitor Cells (PPCs): These cells can potentially form new, younger tissue, replacing the function of older, damaged tissue.

Focused Approach to Treating Age-Related Diseases

Under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Ichim, President and CSO, Immorta Bio is initially concentrating on developing treatments for heart failure, liver failure, and multiple organ failure.

The company aims to achieve FDA clearance for these treatments. Recognizing the lengthy development and approval process, Immorta Bio plans to offer banking of PRCs for healthy adults and patients. These cells can be transformed into pMSCs or PPCs as needed.

About Venvalo Group

Venvalo Group is a leading venture value optimization firm, specializing in maximizing the potential of technology-based enterprises. Their proprietary VVO Methodology™ has been instrumental in enhancing transaction valuations, stock price growth, and trading volume for emerging micro-cap companies.

For more information, media inquiries can be directed to Dr. Boris Reznik, Chairman of Venvalo Group. Visit Venvalo Group’s website or contact them at (305) 632-2939.

This announcement marks a significant step in the field of regenerative medicine, potentially changing the way we approach aging and age-related diseases. Immorta Bio’s focus on personalized cell therapies could pave the way for more effective and tailored treatments, offering hope for millions affected by these condition

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