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TNT Stem Cell, co-owned by Dr. Melissa Traxler and Dr. Mike Traxler, specializes in regenerative therapy and aesthetics.

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TNT Stem Cell


Dr. Melissa Traxler, Dr. Michael Traxler


Dr. Melissa Traxler Dr. Michael Traxler



505 North 18th
Suite B



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TNT Stem Cell, co-owned and directed by Dr. Melissa Traxler, MD, specializes in regenerative therapy and aesthetics. Dr. Melissa Traxler, with a rich educational background from Northeast Louisiana University and Louisiana State University Shreveport, has nearly 20 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and is an active member of several medical associations.

Alongside her is Dr. Mike Traxler, DC, co-owner and CEO, with a chiropractic background and a long-standing commitment to treating the community of northeast Louisiana.

The team also includes Melissa Futrell, APRN-FNP-BC, leading aesthetics therapy, bringing over 30 years of experience in various medical fields and a dedication to regenerative therapy. Together, they form a dedicated team committed to advancing regenerative therapy and serving the north Louisiana community.