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Stemulus Innovative Healthcare is a Regenerative Medicine and Naturopathic Facility. The facility was built to maintain an individualized approach to medical treatment. At Stemulus, you are not a number, and nor are you rushed through the process without a thorough explanation and consultation. Our medical staff is dedicated to giving you a unique experience and a true bedside manner that was once the staple of professional medical care.

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Stemulus Innovative Healthcare


Dr. Jamie Ewald


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1277 East Missouri Avenue



Stem Cell Treatments

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Stemulus Innovative Healthcare, located in Phoenix, specializes in advanced regenerative medicine, primarily focusing on stem cell therapy.

The team, comprising some of the world’s most experienced stem cell physicians, has treated over 2,500 patients across the U.S. and Europe.

Stemulus emphasizes using the body’s cellular makeup for healing diseases and disorders. Their treatments include stem cell activation, Extracellular Matrix formation, Exosomes, nutraceuticals, and advanced therapy protocols.

The clinic prides itself on a patient-centered approach, treating each individual with personalized care and attention.