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Many modern medical procedures were the stuff of science fiction in previous generations, now come to life. SRO’s Regenerative Orthopedics services are among those now well-documented technologies that hold the possibility of healing injuries and other conditions without the need for surgery or other techniques.
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Dr. Michael J. McDermott, Dr. Gary A. Stein, Dr. Dominic J. Mintalucci


Dr. Michael J. McDermott



1405 Montgomery Dr
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Stem Cell Treatments

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)
  • Stem Cell Therapy


Regenerative orthopedics uses a variety of cutting-edge technologies to stimulate and then accelerate the body’s capacity for healing. Treatments are provided in SRO offices, avoiding hospitalization and requiring minimal recovery time. The specific therapy recommended for any given patient depends on their age, general health and the nature and severity of their presenting condition. The relative chances of a successful outcome also vary with those factors, but in many cases, significantly reduced pain and increased function can last for years.