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As Scottsdale’s top choice for a medical spa, our professionals are highly qualified and experienced in offering a range of services, from skin tightening to lip plumping to hair regeneration. Using a number of treatments such as lasers and stem cell therapy, our medical spa offers everything you could need for your most confident, renewed self.

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Renew Stem Cell & Laser


Dr. Matthew J. Seidel


Dr. Matthew Seidel



9700 N 91st St
Suite B-112



Stem Cell Treatments

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Dr. Seidel is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who specializes in treating joint pain, muscle and tendon injuries, and osteoarthritis. He works at Renew Stem Cell & Laser, where he applies his expertise in stem cell therapy.

This advanced treatment has been successful for many of his patients, offering an alternative to surgery. Dr. Seidel’s unique qualifications and commitment to using stem cell therapy reflect his dedication to providing high-quality care in orthopedics.