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Our clinic provides safe, effective regenerative medicine treatments as an alternative to traditional pain management, always taking the time to treat the cause of your pain and discomfort rather than the symptoms.

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Regenerative Solutions of Connecticut


Dr. Brian Pollack




17 Cedar St
New Britain



Stem Cell Treatments

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The treatments we offer at our pain relief clinic do more than relieve your pain; they help you heal so that the pain doesn’t come back. If you’ve had a failed operation, or exploring your non-surgical options for pain of any kind, we can help you!

Regenerative medicine deals with the process of restoring the normal function of the body by replacing, engineering or re-engineering human cells, tissues or organs.

As a leading authority in regenerative medicine our pain relief clinic offers two of the most advanced, cutting edge treatments available today; Human Cellular tissue Products and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

These treatments help regenerate cartilage, tissue, bone and cells offering long-term relief from joint pain, arthritis as well as muscle, tendon and ligament damage.