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Dr. Jacoby has been a pioneer in laser and stem cell therapy for all foot and ankle conditions, with comprehensive options for helping patients avoid surgery. Treating amateur and professional athletes, senior citizens, executives, students, manual laborers and every one in between!

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Dr. Richard Jacoby




7301 E 2nd St
Suite 202



Stem Cell Treatments


Dr. Richard Jacoby is a distinguished foot and ankle specialist and the Medical Director of Extremity Health Centers.

He is recognized for his expertise in podiatry, particularly in Scottsdale, and has received the Phoenix Magazine Top Docs Award four times in the past decade.

Dr. Jacoby is known for his innovative approach in regenerative medicine, especially in stem cell therapy and laser treatments for foot and ankle conditions.

He holds a degree in Chemistry from Villanova (1965) and a podiatry degree from the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine (1969). He’s also a past president of the Arizona Podiatry Association and the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons.