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At QC Kinetix in Bentonville, AR, we pride ourselves on being the #1 regenerative medicine clinic in the area for treating symptoms for patients suffering from knee, hand, foot, ankle, or wrist pain.

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QC Kinetix – Bentonville


Dr. Justin Michael Garzone, Dr. Perry Herman, Dr. Kenneth Barnes, Dr. Aaron Wolkoff


Dr. Justin Garzone Dr. Perry Herman Dr. Kenneth Barnes Dr. Aaron Wolkoff



211 SE 34th St
Suite 3



Stem Cell Treatments

  • Regenerative Medicine


Discover the value of the natural joint pain treatment options available at QC Kinetix. We help patients suffering from conditions like debilitating joint pain, thinning hair, and low testosterone without drugs and without surgery. So if you’re looking for a less invasive and less painful alternative to surgery, you’ve come to the right place.

During your first visit, we will ask questions about your condition to learn what causes you pain and determine the best approach to help you. Our clinic features modern technologies to examine, diagnose, and prepare the best treatment plan for any patient, regardless of how severe your condition is.