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Pangenics Regenerative Center is a group of highly experienced doctors and medical professionals who provide Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville for those suffering with painful joint conditions, spinal conditions and sports injuries.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi

Pangenics Regenerative Center


Dr. Lewis J. Obi


Dr. Lewis J. Obi



3599 University Blvd
Suite 603



Stem Cell Treatments

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Pangenics Regenerative Center, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is a leading center for stem cell therapy.

We specialize in using a patient’s own stem cells for treating joint and back pain, as well as in plastic surgery procedures.

Our approach includes a proprietary method for safely harvesting and preparing millions of a patient’s own stem cells.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi, a key figure at the center, contributes significantly to the field, including in research and application of stem cells in aesthetic procedures.