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At Orthobiologics Associates we are a multispecialty Team of medical professionals dedicated to educating every one of our patients and prospective patients about the resources and tools available to them outside of the traditional, symptoms-based drugs and surgery model.

Orthobiologics Associates Integrative Healing

Orthobiologics Associates Integrative Healing


Dr. Rosemary Daly, Dr. Vincent Depasquale, Dr. Gerald Mastaw


Dr. Rosemary Daly Dr. Vincent Depasquale Dr. Gerald Mastaw



5311 Spring Hill Dr
Spring Hill



Stem Cell Treatments

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma


Providing minimally invasive therapies that harnesses the power of living cells to stimulate and accelerate the healing of dysfunctional and damaged tissues affected by trauma, congenital issues, and degenerative diseases.