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Therapeutic Joint Injection Therapy provides a safe alternative to cortisone shots and surgeries while starting the healing process in the body.

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Stem Cell Treatments

  • Therapeutic Joint Injection
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)


There are many strategies of Therapeutic Joint Injection, including the use of autogenous (self) cells and allogeneic (donor) cells, to take the place of missing tissue, effectively replacing it both structurally and functionally, or to contribute to tissue healing. The body’s innate healing response may also be leveraged to promote regeneration. The ultimate aim of Therapeutic Joint Injection is to return the patient to full health with respect to the particular condition.

Therapeutic Joint Injection has the potential to help improve the health for a variety of conditions, and can assist in the healing process by releasing growth factors and cytokines back into the damaged tissue.

Every year with additional research, Therapeutic Joint Injection therapies are becoming more and more common.