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New Mexico Stem Cell is using stem cells which is the Future of Regenerative Medicine.

NM Stem Cell Clinic



My Ha, April Hawkes, Michele Winner, and Brenda Romero.


4111 Barbara Loop SE
Suite C-2
Rio Rancho



Stem Cell Treatments

What Medical Conditions Will Regenerative Medicine Treat?

Treatment of Arthritis
Fracture Restoration

A Small Current List of what Stem Cell Injections May Help Restore

Osteoarthritis – ACL Tears – Meniscus Tears – Plantar Fasciitis – Tennis Elbow – Golfer’s Elbow – Rotator Cuff Tears – Torn Labrum – Back Pain – Sciatic Pain – Disc Degeneration – Disc Bulges/Prolapse – Degenerative Joint Disease …. And the list will continue to grow!


New Mexico Stem Cell Clinic Regenerative Recovery The NM Stem Cell Team is comprised of My Ha, April Hawkes, Michele Winner, and Brenda Romero. We are committed to pioneering regenerative therapy, as we believe that it offers patients the chance to enjoy joint healing and rejuvenation. Current conventional treatments for degenerative joint conditions still mainly rely on reducing the severity of symptoms using anti-inflammatory medicines, painkillers, or resorting to surgical evasive procedures. Pain Management isn’t healing, it simply masks the pain. We believe that the cells extracted from umbilical cords offer a complex combination of growth factors, proteins and stem cells which provide a highly active regenerative mixture. Because it prompts the body to heal itself, the regeneration process is entirely natural: performed by your body for the benefit of your body!