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Popular stem cell procedures offered at Integrative Medical include Amniotic stem cells, Umbilical cord stem cells, Adipose stem cells, and Exosomes.

Integrative Medical Therapies

Integrative Medical Therapies


Dr. Rainer Fischer




11111 N Scottsdale Rd



Stem Cell Treatments

  • Amniotic and umbilical cord stem cell procedures
  • Adipose stem cell procedures
  • Exosome procedures


Integrative Medical Therapies offers a range of treatments focusing on natural and conventional methods to stimulate healing and avoid surgery.

Their services include injections, IV infusions, intranasal applications, and nebulizer treatments, addressing various health concerns like joint pain, lung disease, and arthritis.

They specialize in stem cell procedures, utilizing amniotic, umbilical cord, and adipose stem cells, along with exosomes.

These minimally invasive treatments are performed by licensed physicians and aim to regenerate tissue, reduce pain, and improve symptoms.