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Our integrated medical clinic is guided by our unwavering commitment to unchain the human healing potential, restore the quality of life, and inspire hope while treating every patient with respect and dignity.

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Clearstone Medical Center


Dr. Ryan Roth


Dr. Ryan Roth



3525 AR-5
Suite 200



Stem Cell Treatments

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Joint injections, Tendon / Ligament injections
  • Wharton’s Jelly Injections (rich in Stem Cells and cytokines)


Clearstone Medical Center in Bryant, AR, specializes in regenerative medicine, focusing on treatments that promote natural healing and pain relief.

They offer a range of innovative therapies including Platelet Rich Plasma injections, Wharton’s Jelly Injections, and Cold Laser Therapy, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like ultrasound guidance for precise treatment delivery.

Their approach emphasizes healing the underlying condition without surgery or drugs, ensuring a safer and more effective treatment method.

The center’s team is trained and certified in regenerative medicine procedures, committed to providing high-quality care and patient satisfaction.