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The most important aspect that makes Regenocyte better than other adult stem cell therapy clinics is the depth of our clinical experience. We have been treating patients with their own stem cells since 2006.

Cirrus Health Group, LLC – Regenocyte Stem Cell Clinic


Zannos G. Grekos MD, MAAC,Victor J. Matos, MD, PhDc,Hector Rosario, MD,Eduardo Mejia, MD




Bonita Springs


(866) 216-5710

Stem Cell Treatments

Regenocyte stem cell clinic has been treating patients since 2006.

As one of the top stem cell clinics in the USA, Regenocyte Therapeutic can provide all of the testing and evaluation that patients need in the comfort of this professional environment. Our patients may undergo initial evaluation to determine if they would benefit from stem cell treatment.

After a review of prior medical records, our stem cell therapists will determine what supplemental testing is necessary, and that testing is done at a location convenient to the patient. At the end of evaluation, a complete stem cell treatment plan will be determined for each individual patient.

Area that Regenocyte Specialize in with Adult Stem Cell Treatment:

  • Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the Heart:

    • Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Disease – Cardiomyopathy Case Study
    • Stem Cell Treatment for the Heart, Cardiomyopathy
    •  Stem Cell Treatment for Congestive Heart Failure

    Adult Stem Cell Treatment for the Brain and Spine:

    • Spinal Cord Injuries Treated by Stem Cells
    • Early Senile Dementia treated by Adult Stem Cell Therapy

    Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the Lungs:

    • Pulmonary Hypertension Treated by Stem Cell Therapy
    • Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Cystic Fibrosis

Stem Cell Treatment Clinic:

In Partnership with our Dominican Republic Facilities – The procedures are done in a state of the art cardiac catheterization laboratory.