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Ageless Integrated Medicine – Ohio


Dr. Shri Rao


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4872 Socialville-Foster Rd



Stem Cell Treatments

  • Stem Cell Injections
  • Hormone Replacement
  • HCG Weight Loss
  • Botox & Cosmetic Procedures


Ageless Integrated Medicine is focused on providing you with all the support you need to live a healthy and wholesome life.

Our physician is a practicing internal medicine professional. Additionally, he focuses on identifying the root causes of problems. From there, he attempts to find solutions in the most natural way possible. Our physician, Dr Shri Rao, MD, is a gold medalist with over 20 years of comprehensive medical practice.

Whether you have issues related to your thyroid or hormonal imbalances of your body or gut, AIM can help you identify the root cause of your symptoms and help you begin a well-supported journey towards recovery.