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One Man’s Spinal Cord Injury & His Approach To Recovery with the Help of Stem Cells

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Amazing story of a man who was in a motorcycle accident and was told he was paralyzed. Here’s a glimpse of his journey to healing and the use of stem cells to help his recovery.

Credit: BioXcellerator

Video Transcript:

I was desert racing in Nevada, Vegas to Reno and on a dirt bike, 500 mile race and about mile 170 I was zooming down a fire road and I didn’t see a big, big ditch, just didn’t see it. I hit the ditch and I lost my vision. I mean I blacked out. And I woke up and I opened up my eyes I thought I was going over the bars but I was in the air and I was in the air I knew I was paralyzed. I felt the energy rush out of my legs and I went, I’m paralyzed while I was in the air and I came back down, my feet, came down over the bike but they were dragging and I lost all my core strength and so my head hit the handlebars and I thought I gotta get off this trail and I slowed down, pulled over, and made myself fall.

I was 100% paralyzed. It just hit, me stem cells. I mean, I knew about stem cells. I’ve heard about them. I never associated it with my recovery until I saw the Joe Rogan podcast.

So what I’ve noticed that’s different is I’m getting some commanded activation of muscles in my lower part of my leg and my feet. It’s real weak, right? It’s a real weak thing, but I can command a muscle to activate. I can feel that so that’s new. My physical therapist can see it and I know that when they examined me, they could tell that they could feel the muscles activating.

It’s not enough yet to get real functional movement if that makes sense. So that’s definitely a change. It’s a good change. I had IV vitamin drip, IV stem cells to intrathecal. It’s a spinal tap puncture where they inject themselves directly into my cerebral spinal fluid.

And I’ll put “for the win,” how’s that? This is the third visit and I would say between the 2nd and 3rd visit up to this trip, I noticed there’s been some significant muscles, turn on my glutes, my hami, my calf muscles, some of the muscles that control your, my feet, they started to really turn on and some of my pelvic muscles.

And so for me it’s been like, they’ve always, once I started to recover, they’ve kind of been on, but they’ve just been like twitching 5% on now, they’re like really turning on and I can do standing and walking with a walker. It’s way better. You know the Asia test, Asia score and down and around my ankles, you know, they do the pinpricks and stuff.

I went in some, some places I went from zero, which is off to a four, which is almost normal sensation.

So it’s super exciting, I’ll say that. It’s better about 60 days ago, I was in water about waist high and i was able to stand up straight, not touch anything and it freaked everybody out and freaked out the physical therapists. It freaked me out. That wasn’t expecting it, tried to stand up.

I went from falling in water that was chest high, up to my bottom of my neck to, i can stand up straight without any effort. And the therapists are like, why would that happen? I attribute it to stem cells.

The water is giving enough feedback to my brain now. It can get through to tell my brain where my legs are and getting stem cell therapy over the last year to get to where I’m at.

I’m actually doing way better than I was a year ago. So i guess that’s that would be kind of the easiest way to sum it up..

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