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New York Blood Center Expands GMP Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing in Louisville

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New York Blood Center Enterprises (NYBCe) has announced the grand opening of its new GMP facility in Louisville, Kentucky.

This state-of-the-art site, part of Comprehensive Cell Solutions (CCS), enhances cell and gene therapy manufacturing capabilities, offering end-to-end services from cell sourcing to cryopreservation and GMP manufacturing.

The Louisville facility includes apheresis suites, cleanrooms, and quality control labs, equipped with the latest technologies. This expansion aims to support biopharma, academic researchers, and treatment centers nationwide.

Christopher Hillyer, MD, President and CEO of NYBCe, emphasized the importance of this facility in addressing the growing demand for advanced cell therapy services. The Louisville site will play a crucial role in establishing the LOUMED District as a leading hub for healthcare innovation.

Devin Blass, Senior Vice President of CCS, highlighted the commitment to collaboration, transparency, and high-quality product delivery throughout the product lifecycle.

The new facility is set to foster significant advancements in clinical trials and the commercialization of novel cell therapies.

For more information, visit NYCBE.

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