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Kytopen and Mirus Bio Announce Partnership to Unlock New and Scalable Genome Engineering Capabilities for the Next-Generation of Living Medicines

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kytopen, a biotechnology company leading advancements in high-throughput cellular and genome engineering platforms, today announced a partnership with the pioneering transfection company, Mirus Bio, pairing their technologies to resolve challenges related to the delivery of complex genetic materials to living human cells.

“Gene-modified cell therapies hold great promise for patients. Future therapies will capitalize on the recent advances in gene-editing and broaden the technologies available to ultimately save more lives,” said Paulo Garcia, CEO & Co-Founder of Kytopen. “By combining Mirus Bio’s chemical engineering expertise with Kytopen’s pioneering electro-mechanical gene delivery technology, we will help make the promise of genome engineering a reality despite the increasing complexity and diversity of genetic payloads.”

The two companies are starting a collaboration with the mission to deliver scalable genome engineering capabilities with complex payloads to traditionally difficult to manipulate cell types while improving production yields. “Mirus will draw on our core expertise in nucleic acid delivery and combine it with Kytopen’s electro-mechanical continuous transfection technology to drive living medicines into a new era. We are enthusiastic to expand our technologies in this area,” said Dale Gordon, Mirus Bio CEO. 

“Our team at Kytopen is thrilled to work with Mirus Bio and we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together,” said Greg Crescenzi, Kytopen’s CCO. “The cell and gene therapy market has high demand for new, innovative tools and we are honored to partner with a company with over 25 years of experience supporting this field.”


Kytopen is an MIT startup developing platforms to accelerate the discovery, development and manufacturing of gene-modified cell therapies. The scalable Flowfect® solution combines microfluidics and automation to make this process easier, faster, and more cost-effective than the state-of-the art solutions. In 2017, Dr. Paulo Garcia co-founded Kytopen with Dr. Cullen Buie (Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT). Together they co-invented Kytopen’s proprietary Flowfect® technology for high-throughput genetic modification of cells. For more information, visit and follow @kytopen on Twitter and LinkedIn. Kytopen products are provided for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or clinical procedures.


Mirus Bio is a leading provider of transfection products for the biopharmaceutical and research industries, offering best-in-class reagents for cell and gene therapy, recombinant protein expression, and stem cell applications. An original pioneer in nucleic acid delivery, the company has been enabling scientific research and innovation for more than two decades. In 2021, Mirus introduced TransIT-VirusGEN® GMP Transfection Reagent and Kits to address the commercial biopharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy markets with support for viral vector manufacturing (AAV and LV).

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