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Jeff Gross, MD | Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine & Longevity

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In this episode of the Rest and Recovered podcast, Dr. Jeffrey Gross, a board-certified and fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, discusses his background and the evolution of his practice.

With a degree in Biochemistry, Dr. Gross has a strong interest in cellular function and molecular biology. After over 20 years of practicing neurosurgery, particularly spinal neurosurgery, Dr. Gross observed the growth of stem cell biology but noticed a lack of translation into clinical practice.

Frustrated by the slow advancements in the field, Dr. Gross decided to explore regenerative medicine and stem cell applications.

He went back to retrain and learn about the potential of these treatments in addressing spinal issues and other medical problems.

Today, Dr. Gross applies regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies not only to spinal neurosurgery but also to various other conditions in his practice, ReCELLebrate, which operates in California and Nevada.

Credit: The Rest & Recovery Podcast

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