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Exploring Stem Cell Therapies with Dr. Amy Killen

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In a recent episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, hosted by Scott Sher, Dr. Amy Killen delved deep into the world of stem cell therapies, aging, and sexual health. Dr. Killen, a leading anti-aging and regenerative physician, shared her insights on these topics, offering solutions to some of life’s most pressing questions.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Stem Cell Procedures & Integrative Medicine (0:03:30)
    • Dr. Killen discussed the potential applications of stem cell therapies in medicine, especially concerning aging and sexual health. She also touched upon the FDA’s policy and its impact on the utilization of these therapies.
  2. Types of Stem Cells in Medicine (0:08:04)
    • The podcast delved into the different types of stem cells used in medical treatments and their potential benefits.
  3. Stem Cell Signaling and Therapeutic Potential (0:11:40)
    • The therapeutic potential of stem cells, especially in signaling, was a significant point of discussion.
  4. Understanding Ovarian Aging and Menopause (0:22:22)
    • Dr. Killen shed light on how ovarian aging impacts women’s health and longevity. She also discussed potential therapies that could slow down egg depletion.
  5. Ovarian Aging and Potential Therapies (0:29:25)
    • The podcast explored the therapies available to address ovarian aging and their effectiveness.
  6. Hormone Replacement and Rapamycin in Longevity (0:36:10)
    • Dr. Killen discussed the approach to hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. She also touched upon the potential benefits and controversies surrounding the use of bioidentical hormones and testosterone therapy.
  7. Men’s Health and Hormone Optimization (0:47:20)
    • The podcast delved into men’s health, focusing on hormone optimization and its benefits.
  8. Sexual Dysfunction and Nitric Oxide Boosters (0:51:21)
    • Dr. Killen discussed the challenges of sexual dysfunction and the potential benefits of nitric oxide boosters in addressing this issue.

About Dr. Amy Killen:

After working as a board-certified emergency physician for over seven years, Dr. Killen transitioned into anti-aging and longevity medicine. She aims to offer patients alternatives to the traditional aging paradigm. An international speaker, clinical practice owner, entrepreneur, author, and frequent media guest, Dr. Killen advocates for empowering individuals to look and feel their best by merging various treatments and therapies.

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