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Cellino’s Path Towards Personalized Cell Therapies at Scale

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Meet Cellino, a Leaps portfolio company that aims to make personalized cell therapies available at scale through advanced manufacturing. Founder and CEO Nabiha Saklayen shares her insight into the potential of cell therapies to change the course or even cure some of the most challenging diseases. Cellino’s unique interdisciplinary approach aims to automate the manufacturing process, an advance that could help make transformative iPSC-based therapies available to millions.

About Celllino:

Cellino’s platform combines label-free imaging and high-speed laser editing with machine learning to automate #cellreprogramming, expansion, and differentiation in a closed cassette format. This approach will enable the parallel processing of thousands of patient samples in a single facility, which is vital for scalable manufacturing. Cellino’s stem cell-derived therapies are poised to potentially cure some of the most burdensome diseases this decade, including Parkinson’s, diabetes, and heart disease. Current stem cell therapies are not scalable due to extensive manual handling, high variability, and expensive manufacturing overhead costs.  Visit their website for more info.

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