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2022 WMIF | The Cell Therapy Landscape | CAR-T to Stem Cells

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Cell therapies, ranging from CAR-T cells to stem-cell-based approaches, are emerging as a transformative therapeutic modality. Panelists will examine this emerging landscape and discuss a range of key topics. What drives differentiation in this space given the high number of competing technologies? How will the uptake of autologous cell therapies and allogeneic versions evolve? When will the regenerative medicine market mature?

Credit: World Medical Innovation Forum


Marcela Maus, MD, PhD, Director, Cellular Immunotherapy Program, Cancer Center, MGH; Associate Professor, Medicine, HMS

Christina Coughlin, MD, PhD, CEO, CytoImmune

Rachel Haurwitz, PhD, President & CEO, Caribou Biosciences

Nick Leschly, CEO, 2seventy bio

Dhvanit Shah, PhD, President & CEO, Garuda Therapeutics

Rusty Williams, MD, PhD, Chairman & CEO, Walking Fish Therapeutics

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